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Recent presentations

  • 2020: IBM Research Australia Seminar: Title: The traveling salesman in the brain: modeling the formation of topographical maps in the visual cortex using self-organization principles.
  • 2019: New Advances in Biocomplexity Workshop (University of Sydney). Title: Artificial Intelligence and the eye: a window into health
  • 2018: Monash University Machine Learning Symposium. Title: The visual cortex as a deep neural network
  • 2017: Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute “Rising Stars” Seminar Series. Title: The physiological consequences of damages to the primate visual cortex in different development stages.
  • 2017: Advances in Functional Studies of Marmoset Brain Mini-Symposium. Title: Where visual areas meet - The representation of the visual field in the dorsomedial cortex of the marmoset monkey.
  • 2016: Anderson Stuart Seminar Series (Department of Physiology, The University of Sydney). Title: New insights into the controversial “third-tier” areas of the primate visual cortex.

Book chapters and reviews

  • Yu H-H & Rosa MGP (2017) The dosomedial cortex. In Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior (Eds. Vonk J & Shackelford, TK). Springer. [link]
  • Chaplin TA, Rosa MGP, Yu H-H (2016) Scaling up the simian primate cortex: a conserved pattern of expansion across brain sizes. In Evolution of Nervous Systems, 2nd edition (Eds. Kaas, JH), Vol. 4, Academic Press. [link]
  • Yu H-H, Chaplin TA, Rosa MGP (2014) Representation of central and peripheral vision in the primate cerebral cortex: Insights from studies of the marmoset brain. Neuroscience Research 93, 47-61. [link]

Research papers

  • Kwan WC, Chang C-K, Yu H-H, Mundinano IC, Fox DM, Homman-Ludiye J, Bourne JA (2021) Visual cortical area MT is required for development of the dorsal stream and associated visuomotor behaviors. Journal of Neuroscience (in press). [link]
  • Yu H-H, Maetschke SR, Antony BJ, Ishikawa H, Wollstein G, Schuman JS, Garnavi R (2021) Estimating global visual field indices in glaucoma by combining macula and optic disc OCT scans using 3D convolutional neural networks. Ophthalmology Glaucoma 4, 102-112.[link]
  • Feizpour A, Majka P, Chaplin TA, Rowley D, Yu H-H, Zavitz E, Price NSC, Rosa MGP, Hagan MA (2020) Visual responses in the dorsolateral frontal cortex of marmoset monkeys. Journal of Neurophysiology. [link]
  • Yu H-H, Rowley DC, Price NSC, Rosa MGP, Zavitz E (2020) A twisted visual field map in the primate dorsomedial cortex predicted by topographic continuity. Science Advances 6, eaaz8673. [link]
  • Hadjidimitrakis K, Bakola S, Chaplin TA, Yu H-H, Alanazi O, Chan JA, Worthy KH, Rosa MGP (2019) Topographic organization of the ‘third-tier’ dorsomedial visual cortex in the macaque. Journal of Neuroscience 39, 5311-5325. [link]
  • Yu H-H, Atapour N, Chaplin TA, Worthy KH, Rosa MGP (2018) Robust visual responses and normal retinotopy in primate lateral geniculate nucleus following long-term lesions of striate cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 38, 3955-3970. [link]
  • Atapour N, Worthy KH, Lui LL, Yu H-H, Rosa MGP (2017) Neuronal degeneration in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus following lesions of primary visual cortex: comparison of young adult and geriatric marmoset monkeys. Brain Structure & Function 222, 3283–3293. [link]
  • Knauer B, Majka P, Watkins KJ, Taylor AWR, Malamanova D, Paul B, Yu H-H, Bush AI, Hare DJ, Reser DH (2017) Whole-brain metallomic analysis of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) Metallomics 9, 411-423. [link]
  • Majka P, Chaplin TA, Yu H-H, Tolpygo A, Mitra PP, Wójcik DK, Rosa MGP (2016) Towards a comprehensive atlas of cortical connections in a primate brain: mapping tracer injection studies of the common marmoset into a reference digital template. Journal of Comparative Neurology 524, 2161-2181. [link]
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  • Two USA patents filed in 2020.