Thomas Pynchon and Satoshi Nakamoto - the same person?
Just discovered that python’s numerical package has a function for Einstein summation for tensors. In the past, you need that for cosmology. These days you use them for neural networks.
The plot of Umberto Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum involves two publishers: Garamond and Manutius. Both names refer to figures in the history of printing: Claude Garamond designed the Garamond font in the 16th century, while Aldus Manutius was a famous 15th century printer who invented italic type, a few punctuation marks, and the pocketbook format. This might be a joke because both names are relatable to Apple. The Garamond font was used in Apple’s logo, and Aldus Co. was the original developer of PageMaker (a killer app for the Macintosh) before it was acquired by Adobe.
Turing once dreamed that he was a Turing machine. When he woke up, he wondered if it was him who dreamed of being a Turing machine, or if it was a Turning machine which dreamed that it was Turing (a koan from a programming book published in Taiwan)
What is the shutter speed of human vision? A new paper claims that at extremely low light condition, it can be as long as 0.6 second.
Last week I went to see an optometrist. As he examined my eye with a strong light, I was amazed that I saw an image of the blood vessels on the retina. This phenomenon is called the entoptic image. It was first described by Purkinje about 200 years ago. I read about it in “How we perceive our own retina” by Kuno Kirschfeld (published in Proc. Bio. Sci.)
“The reason of the unreason with which my reason is afflicted so weakens my reason that with reason I murmur at your beauty” - Don Quixote
“Why don’t you drop your cool tom-foolery ‘n shed your nasty jewelry?” - Captain Beefheart
We need a journal that publishes papers in the style of the 18th century: long title, flowery prose, kudos to King and church, and extreme modesty.
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